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Talking Beards

Feb 6, 2020

Christine Allegretti joins us to talk about their fundraiser for K9 Heroes for Our Heroes.  The competition is Beards For The Brave 2 and will be going on February15th.  Come see what the event is all about!!!




Beard Mobb Florida Presents Beards For The Brave 2


K9 Heroes for Our Heroes

Beard Competition and Family Friendly event to raise monies for K9 Heroes for Heroes .. Vendors- Raffle Items and giveaways...


Event starts at 1pm

Check-In starts 1:30 until 3:30

Competition starts at 4pm


Categories as follows :

Whisker Kids



Styled Stache

Partial Beard

Partial Beard Freestyle

Business Beard 0-4 inches

Full Beard 4-8 inches

Full Beard 8 - 12 inches

Full Beard 12 inches and over

Full Beard Styled Stashe

Full Beard Freestyle

Best Duo/Couple/Partner

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Whiskers in The Wild

Akron Zoo


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  KPNL is a new network that has just launched at the start of the year. The station has a vintage and classy feel to it and features shows such as:

Into The Fray by the one and only Shannon Legro who just launched her own publishing house as well.

Monsteropolis the offical podcast of Small town monsters who is actually set to release a new kickstarter!

Mysterious Circumstances by Just Rimmel who has released over 90 episodes covering cases like Jesse James, John Dillinger and Wyat Earp.

Plus many more. Monday through Friday starting at 5 pm we begin our podcasts which usually ends around 11pm, this time will increase however as we add more shows to the network.

On Sundays we run vintage radio programs such as Lights out, Blackstone, The whistler and The Shadow.  When not playing podcasts we have jazz, blues and folk that run 7 days a week.

We feature such artists as the mysterious professor bones an anonymous Italian composure who transformed into a skeleton and traveled to the underworld to really be able to live and bring his music forth.

Shawn James who's very soul comes through the blues and folk music that he sings, His songs have been featured on HBO, CBS and even on Sony PlayStation The Last of Us 2.

Then we have the amazing Ashley Storrow who is an up and coming songwriter. Her radiant voice is sure to grab your attention as she sings her folk music.