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Talking Beards

Dec 7, 2017

Chris Odom from Beards In Review YouTube is this weeks guest.   This page has become one of my new favorites on the interwebs recently covering "beard" topics. His she contains an brief product review, a quick little news segment and a featured beard, or mustache of the week. The Beardcaster was the beard of the week on his episode #14, what a treat that was!  Each episode is a nice bite sized morsel of about 5 minutes and has excellent production and is of top quality! Chris and I talked about how he ended up getting into the YouTube game and how he is trying to grow his channel.  Chris was a great hang and too bad we didn't know each other sooner, we woulda had some good times in Austin! Be sure to check out BEARDS IN REVIEW in YouTube and be sure to subscribe and follow along!