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Talking Beards

Mar 23, 2018

  Superstar Whiskerina, Natali Johnston, and Facial Hair League founder, Brett Strauss, sit down at Tried and True Barber and Tattoo in Austin, Texas to have a fun hang-out sesh. We talked about tribute beards and how Natali lives in the dark shadow of her husband, Aaron Johnston.  Brett discussed the changes and improvements he has made to the FHL app and how they are getting ready to celebrate their 100th competition that they have been part of.  We were joined by a fun cast of assorted facial hair people as they popped in and out waiting to see if they could get squeezed in for a special tattoo for the Come and Shave it 12 event presented by Tried and True and the Austin Facial Hair Club.  This conversation was an all over the place good time between the 3 of us and we covered many strange and funny topics.  Make sure you listen to the bitter end as you can hear what it is like to ride in a car with #1 Natural Goatee in the World, Aaron D Johnston, #17 Natural Goatee Andrew Mattson, Natali, and myself, as we travel the streets of Austin.  You may not find it as funny as us but it was a hoot for us!!!


Facial Hair League


Tried & True Barber and Tattoo


Come and Shave It 12




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