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Talking Beards

Apr 14, 2018

Aaron Left is the public relations officer for the The Moustache and Beard Social Club and owner/operator of AJ's Elixirs.  They are about to host the The 7th Annual Northern California Beard And Moustache Competition at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento on April 21st. We had a great chat about his bearded history and how he was pulled into his first event.  We talked a bit about the club and event and we dove into a few of our favorite categories at the event.  This competition is a definite must to attend each year as they gather to help their local animal charity, PAWS, and raise funds to help with the adoption and care programs.  I hope that you can attend this fun event and show your amazing facial hair off for this great cause! Enjoy my talk with Aaron-he was a blast to talk with about something we both love and try to share with as many people as we can.  

About PAWS: Pet Adoption & Wellness Services

Pet Adoption and Wellness Services is a non-profit organization based out of Woodland, CA who are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned animals, from shelters and owners who can no longer care for them. By working with committed volunteers, foster homes, local veterinarians, and trainers, we are able to rescue animals, provide them with loving temporary care, and find them well-matched, carefully-screened forever homes. 

They also serve as a resource to our community and all pet owners by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, positive behavior training, and good nutrition.


The Moustache and Beard Social Club

AJ's Elixirs

California Automobile Museum

PAWS: Pet Adoption & Wellness Services


The 7th Annual Northern California Beard And Moustache Competition


Jocelyn Quiding

Casey Lillibridge

Matt Chiquetet McGregor

Al Underwood

Paul Beisser

Ally Echevarria



Blaine Reeves

Nick Bacon


0. Kids

1.Natural Moustache

2. Business Beard

3. Goatee

4. Full Beard Under12

5. Chops/Sideburns

6. Partial Beard Natural

7. Realistic Whiskerina

8. Partial Beard Freestyle

9. Freestyle Beard


10. Verdi


12. Garibaldi

13. Full Beard Styled Moustache

14. Styled Moustache

15. Freestyle Moustache

16. Uber Stache

17. Full Beard Over




Pre-Preparty Thursday the 19th:


Friday, 4-20 Super Trooper Pre Party Field Trip!


Friday-8pm Official Preparty


4th Annual Speedo Competition Saturday the 21st:



Tintypes - Dan Herrera

Portraits: Lauren Elle Jaye



Event Vendors and Alcohol Sponsors:

The Monk's Cellar Brewery & Public House

 Mustache Vineyards

Sierra Nevada Brewery

Fort Rock Brewing

Common Cider Company

The Moustache and Beard Social Club

AJ's Elixirs

Badass Beard Care

Cowboy Comb

Central Oregon Mustache & Beard Society

Tipsy With Chelsey- Custom Logos