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Talking Beards

Jan 14, 2016

Women in the competitive field of beards and mustaches have to work extra hard to make an impact.  Rachel goes above and beyond with some of her elaborate creations. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Lake Tavern's Beard and Mustache Competition  and help raise money for Isaac, feel free to click to his Go Fund Me page. You can see some pictures from this event by clicking here.  We had a fun time and raised some $$$ for some people in need because that is WHAT WE DO!!! Now about this interview...

We introduce Rachel. She is a lady who likes the beards. She likes the beards sooo much...she creates her own.  This is tales of science fiction and folklore...John Henry and Paul Bunyan can't craft a beard of this magnitude!!! Rachel belongs to a beard club out Ohio called BEARDS OF THE OLD NORTHWEST. She is a "Whiskerina", a woman who participates in beard and mustache competitions.  These women construct "beards" out of anything they can get their hands on.  They design a theme and build a beard from scratch.  Rachel is a newer participant in the world of bearding, but she is bringing her "A" game...and thankfully not her Team.   Listen and learn about how a woman participates in a male dominated, beard and mustache, competition.  



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