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Talking Beards

Dec 22, 2019

Aaron and Scott share their thoughts on the perfect gifts for your loved ones with beards this holiday season.  Not only are this the products that we use, they have all helped us achieve our amazing beards and made them award winning.  These products have helped make us World Champions and National Champions as well as many 1st place finishes all around the country.  If your goal is to have a beard like ours, these are the products you should try out!  These products should be tried out any time of year, they make great birthday gifts, fathers day gifts, and holiday gifts.  Go now and try any of these products out-we know you will love them, we swear by them!!!

Honest Amish-

Honest Amish gift set-

Brutal Beard

Brutal Beard gift set

Live Right CBD-Patrick Dawson Signature Blend Oil

Phoenix Shaving

Phoenix Shaving Beard CUBE

Phoenix Shaving Traditional Shaving Starter Kit

Mean Beard

Mean Beard Folding Pocket Comb and Mean WHIP combo

WET Brush

WET Brush Speed Dry

WET Brush Classic Detangler


One Eyed Cat Crafts

Cypress Lane Beard Co.-Talking Beards merch

My Dad Has A Beard-childrens book by Kellen Roggenbuck

Mustache Dash-childrens book by Kelley E. Park

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