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Talking Beards

Sep 7, 2022

1st Annual Music City Moonshine Classic Beard & Moustache Championships presented by: Honest Amish

Billie Turner 

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Come join us in Nashville Tennessee for the Moonshine Classic Beard & Moustache Competition!

This will be a charity fundraiser for the Amputee Blade Runners.


Doors will open at 5:00pm CST

Registration is from 5:00pm - 6:30pm CST

Competition will start at 7:00pm CST

Competitor Registration Pricing:

$15 for your first category and

$5 each additional category


1. Kids Creative

2. Freestyle (Full & Partial)

3. Whiskerina Creative

4. Natural Moustache

5. FB styled stash

6. Chops/partial

7. FB over 12


8. Full beard 6-12

9. Styled Moustache

10. Goatee

11. Metro Beard 0" - 6"

12. Whaler

13. Whiskerina Realistic

14. Sasquatch (Full Beard & Long Hair)

Special Thanks to our Title sponsor Honest Amish!

Event Sponsors:

Honest Amish

Talking Beards

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Bearded Sinners

The Pack Beard Club

Jager Bomb Designs

Barefoot Brains

Goatee Nation

Wicked Whiskers

Mad Viking KY

Jason Croslin Realty

Big Sexy Beard Brand

Bad Boyz CBD



John "Fabs" Fabula

Shannon "Chickenbread" Clinkenbeard

Sommer "Jiggy" Hibbler

Michael "Caveman" Hulvey


Event Photographer:

Mark Byrnes


Josh “Barefoot Brains” Thompson