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Talking Beards

Apr 25, 2021


Talking Beards Special Report with Aaron D Johnston


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Apr 17, 2021


We at Talking Beards are curious as to what type of content YOU the view is interested in. Through the years of doing the show we have made many changes to what we provide to our viewers. What is it that YOU want from us??? Would you like more guest segments? Would you like less beard content and more personality...

Apr 10, 2021

Tonight we will have an open forum with the guys, talking about things and stuff. Scott and Aaron are going to take a page out of "What up Mobb Wednesday" and go no script don't give a $#!@. They will go through the hot new segment, Talking Beards: The Mail, while playing with the chatroom.

Matt McClear from Beard Laws...

Apr 3, 2021

Tonight we will be discussing all the FHL updates that Brett Strauss has been working on.
The Facial Hair League was established in 2014, bringing together Facial Hair clubs and enthusiasts focused on raising money for non-profit organizations and celebrating the men, women and kids that love expressing themselves with...