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Talking Beards

May 30, 2022

Chris is here to talk all about the Appalachian Beard Fest that is taking place in Ghent West Virginia on Saturday June 4th, at the glamorous Skyline Lodge Pub & Grill. He is the National vice president of the Bearded Sinners which are one of the organizations that are putting on this event along with Beard Mobb West Virginia. This event will be working with two great charities. One of them is the Children's Home Society of West Virginia where they offer child welfare, behavioral health, social casework, and advocacy services which include foster care and adoption, to 13,000+ children and families from 13 primary locations statewide. Their aim is to help build a future where, ultimately, their services are no longer needed: where every child has a safe and permanent home, a family to love them, and opportunities to thrive.

Appalachian Beard Fest

Chris Parent

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