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Talking Beards

Jun 3, 2022

We have Chris Burgess from the club "Beard and Loathing" out of Richmond Kentucky on this edition of Talking Beards!  Chris will talk all about the RETURN of The Bluegrass Beard-On that is taking place Saturday June 11th at 4pm est at the Bluegrass Barrel House!

This years beneficiary will be Cedar Haven Farms Inc, a newly developed non-profit organization for the adult special needs community in the state of Kentucky.

Chris Burgess


Bluegrass Beard ON


Cedar Haven Farms


The Annual Bluegrass Beard-On is back!! And we have a new local charity, Cedar Haven. They help autistic children and are just getting started. So come on to the Bluegrass Barrel House and lets do some good!

Registration from 4-6

Competition from 6-9

$10.00 To compete

1 Category Only


Women's Realistic Fake Beard (made to look like a real hair beard/ mustache)

Women's Creative Beard (A Craft Beard / Fantasy Beard)

Mustache Natural (No Styling aids!)

Mustache Styled


Whaler Beard (NO MUSTACHE)

GOATEE (clean shaven sides)

Short Beard (0-6 Inches From lower lip)

Full Natural Beard (6-12)

Full Beard Styled Mustache ( A full beard and styled mustache!)

Free Style Beard (The epic crazy overly styled beards, no structural support other than products i.e. sticks or forms)

Super Natural Beards ( the big boys 12 -and beyond!)

There will also be a Meet and Greet on Friday, June 10th at Dreaming Creek Brewery from 6-9. Come have a relaxing beer the night before the competition!


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