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Talking Beards

Aug 22, 2020

Talking Beards-The Podcast -audio only

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Big news out of South Carolina this evening!!! After an interesting evening on the Texas Craft Whisker Club show, Chopped:Craft Whisker, Daniel found himself needing to explain a few things to the audience. Make sure you tune in to Talking Beards tonight at 8pm EST to find out what the BIG NEWS is that Daniel is going to be sharing. Be sure to "like" Talking Beards and to "CHER" it with all your friends!!! We will also have Matt McClear of Beard Laws with the news as well as the BS Button Beard Bulletin Board.

Beards for Maddie-

Beard Mobb South Carolina

South Carolina Beard Mobb & Talking Beards have teamed up with the Facial Hair League to present to you the most unique online beard competition. It will take place LIVE October 3rd and will be hosted LIVE on-line by Talking Beards. All proceeds raised will be donated to Bethany Madison Marie Harris “Maddie” she is a 22 year old female who is currently residing in South Carolina. She is battling stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma and needs help with medical expenses. We just want to help this woman out!

We will be doing an online competition consisting of 15 categories. Don't worry-this is going to be the first of many of these types of events so there will be more chances to get in on this! Each person who wants to participate will make a donation for their competitor ticket. Once they have been confirmed we will reach out to you for more information. If you don’t already have the app, we will create you your own profile and enter the information needed. This will strictly be a fan voted competition so make sure you and all your friends download the FHL app so everyone can vote.

IPhone app can be downloaded here:
Android app can be downloaded here:

The Facial Hair League was established in 2014, bringing together Facial Hair clubs and enthusiasts focused on raising money for non-profit organizations and celebrating the men, women and kids that love expressing themselves with that which grows on the face. There are women and children competition categories that are very popular, competitive and encourage philanthropy. The FHL supports events all over the world — there is something for facial hair fans, competitors, clubs and donating corporations

FHL fans can participate in events and even vote using the FHL mobile app.
- Vote on competitions for event right on the app
- Win prizes for gaining the highest score! This is like fantasy
- Follow competitors
- Instantly view competition winners
- Stay on top of club and competitor rankings

Here is a link on how it will all work!-

Our Categories….

1. Men’s Creative -Have you created a beard for “Chopped Craft” or do you have some Crafting skills you’d like to show off? This category is for you then! We want to give the guys a chance to show off their whiskerina skills or the chance to show off their enhanced freestyle skills.
This is open to all men that either want to make a full craft beard OR make a freestyle and add some extras to it like coloring and or fun objects, the sky is the limit!!!!!
-show us what you got!!!

2. Mustache -This is just a plain ol’ mustache-if you got one come on and join the fun.

3. Styled Mustache -This is for that mustached man who likes to dress his stache up a little bit. Wanna do some curls? Wanna do the English Style? Wanna go for the Dali??? Show us how creative you can be!

4. Chops- These are you general sideburns that will run down you cheeks but are separated by a clean shaven chin. Mustache is optional in this one. Just remember, Talking Beards does not condone you to choose to have this style as your preferred facial hair choice.

5. Whaler -The dumbest of all facial hair styles, The Donegal or Amish Beard, is nothing more than a beard without a mustache…see-pretty dumb!

6. Goatee -The GREATEST OF ALL Facial hair styles!!! This is pretty much shaving down 3 to 4 inches from the top of where a sideburn would start. Clean shaven cheeks and a mustache is optional!

7. Full Beard under 4 inches -Got a full beard that is under 4 inches??? Measure from under your bottom lip… If your beard falls under 4 inches-this is your category.

8. Full Beard 4-8 inches -Got a full beard that is between 4 and 8 inches??? Measure from under your bottom lip… If your beard falls between 4 inches and 8 inches-this is your category.

9. Full Beard 8-12 inches --Got a full beard that is between 8 and 12 inches??? Measure from under your bottom lip… If your beard falls between 8 and 12 inches-this is your category.

10. Super Beard 12+ inches - If your full beard is longer than 12 inches-I guess this is your place!

11. Styled Mustache with any type beard - If you have a partial beard, or full beard and have a glorious mustache-style that mustache up and enter this category.

12. Freestyle-partial and full beard -Calling all creative minds!!! Use whatever you want to make you beard as crazy as you want. All you need to do is GOOGLE “freestyle beard” and you will know what we are looking for.

13. Whiskerina Realistic- Calling all of our lovely ladies out there. Can you make a “real” looking beard or mustache from real hair, synthetic hair, or crepe wool? It can just be a simple beard-or you may choose to style it up but make it look as real as possible!

14. Whiskerina Craft -Lets see your craft side ladies!!! Grab some of your crafting products and build yourself something pretty-but to wear as a beard!!! Try to be creative and resourceful and have some fun with this-but remember it still needs to be beard shaped!!!

15. Combo Beard -A Talking Beards exclusive category! This is one we have been talking about for years- A tag team beard. How this works is this: If you have a goatee-team up with a chops guy to make the best “full beard”. If you are a whaler-find a great mustache guy to make the best beard.

How this is all going to work:

1. You will register for these categories by going to our Eventbrite page

2. You will select which category you would like to participate in.

3. You will then “purchase” your event ticket by submitting a donation. It can be whatever you feel like making it- $5, $15, $50, or whatever you can donate-
Every thing that we collect for this online competition will be donated directly to Maddie.

4. Once you get a confirmation email from eventbrite send your photo

5. The photo you will submit will have to be a selfie of you and your beard. We will not accept any previous competition photos. We need to work on a trust system with these. We want a current selfie of you and your beard, or creation.

6. Once we receive your name, email, and photo we will add your information into our virtual event on the FHL app.
Submissions will be stopped at 6:00 pm on October 1st.

7. Voting will go live on the FHL app that Thursday night. People from all around the world will be able to vote on the top three of each category. For those that already have an account you will just be judging on your top 3 and gaining points for your correct picks as they compare to everyone else’s picks for the same category. The fan/voter at the end of the event will win some great prizes courtesy of the FHL and Honest Amish. Make sure you go out and get the FHL app so you can participate!!! Goto

8. We will shutdown all online voting at 5pm on October 3th before we go LIVE to host the event. Aaron and Scott will be the virtual “emcees” for the online competition. People, participants, and fans can tune in as we introduce each of the people who have entered this competition. We will go through each person until we find out who was voted “Top 3” by calculating the fan vote. We will then announce who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and then move onto the next category until we have completed this round. We will be doing this LIVE on our Talking Beards Facebook page as well as streaming it LIVE at

9. Winners will receive some great prizes from Honest Amish and the claim to fame as a Talking Beard, The competition Winner.

10. Each player that places in the top 3 will also be given a point total that will display onto their FHL app profile.

We understand that times are different right now and all we want to do is have some fun with our people. There are a bunch of other on-line/virtual beard camps that have already been popping up. Each one has a different idea of how they are going to conduct their on-line competition, but this is how we thought it could be the most fun for everyone involved. We didn't want it to be just about the beard and mustache growers. We want to get more people involved-open up our "nook" to the rest of the world and share what we do. We have always been firm believers of expanding the facial hair community and this was our idea to do so. We want to draw in a whole new community so ours may grow and do more for lots of people. We want people to have fun, experience something new, and grow the facial hair community.

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