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Talking Beards

Oct 20, 2017

  Raymond Whitsel is a good man with a big heart and a great beard!  Beards Against Drugs is an event on Oct. 28 in Dayton Ohio that has been put together by Raymond, who also owns Synful Beard Oil and Balms.  The event is to benefit Nova Behavioral Health and Brigid's Path, but charities that deal with drug and or substance abuse from newborns to adults.  Drug abuse is something many of us have first hand experience with, either dealing with a loved one or going through their own personal issues.

In less than six months, nearly 400 people in Montgomery County, Ohio, have died from an overdose.

“We’re on a pace to have 800 people die this year due to overdose in our county,” Sheriff Phil Plummer told NBC News. “Per capita, we’re number one in the nation in overdose deaths.”

The Columbus Dispatch reports the rate of neonatal abstinence syndrome increased to 159 per 10,000 live births in 2015, compared with 19 such hospitalizations for every 10,000 live births a decade earlier.

The condition involves withdrawal from drug addiction by newborns born to mothers who used drugs while pregnant. It can cause breathing problems, seizures, tremors and excessive crying.

I will be the emcee of this event and I hope you can come out and participate in what is going to be a fantastic event.  There will be many familiar faces in attendance.  The list of categories is below...

Kids Creative 
Women’s Creative
Natural Mustache
Styled Mustache
Partial/Goatee Freestyle
Best Gray Beard 
Full Beard Styled Mustache
Full Beard 0-6in
Full Beard 6-12in
Full Beard 12 and Over 
Full Beard Freestyle 
*Special Contest Held by Timeless Aesthetics Medspa

Raymond Whitsel

Nova Behavioral Health

Brigid's Path

Rip Rap Roadhouse

Synful Beard Oil and Balms

Ohm Town Vapes


Julia's Night Club

Christa McNaughton

Ryan Sheibley

Kristin Wag

Eric Zatchok

Lance Wooton

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