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Talking Beards

Nov 3, 2017

 President and founder of the Murder City Facial Hair Crew, Brad Petrinec talks about the upcoming Circus of Whiskers 3 which benefits the charity, Detroit Animal Welfare Group.  This was quite the insightful interview as we learned a bit about this Hardcore loving mans history in Detroit, Michigan... AKA-the hole in Americas Mitten.  We talked a little bit about the music scene, our hometown sports teams and what makes the bearding community so special.  

     Brad and I met in Austin Texas a few months back and I was just enamored with this electric fella!  He is a talker and likes to share a good story with all that will listen.  Make sure you listen to the very end to hear a fun story he shared about some shocking escapades he had awhile back.  Be sure to take it all in!!!

Detroit’s Third Annual Circus of Whiskers

Murder City Facial Hair Crew

Got a beard? Do you obsessively twirl your mustache? Do your coworkers constantly tell you that you resemble a mountain man? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is clearly the place for you! Try your luck against the areas best facial hair and see if you can be crowned king or queen of the Circus of Whiskers presented by the Murder City Facial Hair Crew!

MCd by the one and only El Chapo! 
Cohosted by Nain Rouge!

$20 cash only at the door for spectators or competitors. 21+
Categories include:

Natural Mustache 
Styled Mustache 
Partial Beard 
Partial Beard Freestyle
Mutton Chops
Fake Beard Realistic (for the whiskerinas)
Fake Beard Creative (for the whiskerinas)
Groomed Beard Styled Mustache
Full Beard Natural (Under 4")
Full Beard Natural (4" - 8")
Full Beard Natural (8" - 12")
Full Beard Natural (Over 12")

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG).

Let’s get weird!

Performances by:
The Big IckyMagenta DeMureMiss Holly Hock, and Sophia Von Stardust!

Food trucks: 
Imperial food truck
GoCheez fod truck

Thank you to Bearded Dutchman OilsDetroit Beard Collective, andMotor City Creations for sponsoring this lovely event! Also, thank you toPretties for Pitties for providing all of the help that you do!

Welcome party:

Hangover Brunch:

Thank you for your support and make sure you share this with a friend!!!

goto for more information! 


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