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Talking Beards

Mar 1, 2018

Omar Shifrin, president of the Bearded Monkey Social Club is a fellow goatee guy.  His club is putting on an event on March 10th called Beards For Babies  which is to support Lexi’s L.A.M.B, a charity to help children and their families who are in local hospitals outside of Wichita, Kansas.  We talked all about the club, how he got involved in the facial hair community and how he has tried to help out a lot of local charities.

Bearded Monkey Social Club


Beards For Babies


Lexi’s Lambs





1. Styled Mustache 

2. Business Beard 3" and under

3. Full Beard 3"+ to 12"

4. Full Beard 12"+


6. Chops 

7. Whaler 

8. Freestyle (Full & Partial)

9. Whiskerinias


Competitors $20.00

Spectators $5.00

This will be a facial hair competition fundraiser where the funds raised will go to Lexi's Lambs

Lexi's L.A.M.B. is a nonprofit organization located in Wichita, Kansas that helps children in local hospitals.

Company Overview

Lexi’s L.A.M.B. was formed in loving memory of Alexis Christine Sparks to help other special children. Many children face problems and difficulties and spend much of their life fighting sickness. After watching Alexis fight everyday, we knew we wanted to help other children and their families through their own trials and tribulations. Many people have no idea how hard it is to have a child who has to face such difficulties but at the same time they don’t realize how easy it is to love them just the way they are. Our mission is to provide support for sick children and children with special needs through a partnership with parents, family, and medical staff. We work with local hospitals to meet these needs by providing items that help bring a sense of comfort and normalcy to the children. Items range from craft supplies and toys for the kids to meals for the parents while they are at the hospital with their child.

General Information

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation online to Lexi's LAMB you can send a payment through PayPal at Our email address is Thank you so much!