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Talking Beards

Mar 17, 2018

What an eye opener this interview was with Douglas Smythe of Phoenix Shaving. He made me want to climb back into the womb to incubate a tad longer to grow into true “manhood”. Douglas shared with me techniques of “wet” shaving and his thoughts on the conspiracy of the multi-blade cartridge companies. Tips galore are found in this episode with a true crafter of high quality, tested shaving products. Not only is Douglas the purveyor of some exquisite shaving items, he also caters to the bearded man with oils, and waxes to tame that glorious mustache. If you are looking to learn the “right” way to properly shave and maintain that style, Douglas Smythe is your guy! Be sure to check him out on all his websites/blogs/social media and try some Phoenix Shaving products today.

Wet Shaving Media

How To Grow A Moustache

Phoenix Shaving

I'd Lather Be Shaving




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