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Talking Beards

Apr 6, 2018


Regev Nystrom has been doing freestyle beards for almost 35 years and has moderate success with his creative designs. Episode 69 is my "sex packed" episode and I thought Regev would be the perfect guide to take us on a fun adventure into the world of the unknown.  What sets him apart from all these other creative beard wearers is his natural born talent of translation of gay porn from English to Japanese flawlessly.  He discovered this hidden talent years ago while working in a corporate matzo ball factory outside of Chicago Il as a young gay Jew.  We discussed the gay lifestyle and I questioned him about what "bears" were and other assorted questions I had about this unknown world to me.  This was an extremely entertaining, thought provoking, and educating interview with one of the most beloved individuals in the facial hair scene.  I hope you enjoy this "racey" discussion and learn a few things about this legend in the bearding community.  Be aware we cover some topics that might be uncomfortable for some to listen to so listen at your discretion.



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