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Talking Beards

Jun 28, 2018

The First Beard and Mustache Competition to raise money for The Morgan Hose Volunteer Fire Department in Rock Creek Ohio. The Beardcaster emceed the event and lots of fun was had! We had lots of people show up and compete at the inaugural event.  Much thanks to Doug White, president of the Rock Creek chapter of Beards of the Old Northwest.  


Beards of the Old Northwest RockCreek Chapter:

Morgan Hose Volunteer Fire Departmant

Beards and Beef in Rock Creek
The event will be held during the weekend of the Ox Roast in Rock Creek on Saturday June 9, 2018 
Registration @ 4:00 Competition @ 4:30

Big Thanks to Scott Sykora for allowing us to use his Maple Festival Beard Comp as a helpful guideline:)

1. Big Rig (Longest Beard) See how you measure up! This category is for the men who got some miles in
2. Full Tanker (Fullest Beard) Includes small beards and thick beards
3. Best Hose Under the Nose (Best Mustache) Styled or Natural. Show us the best hose under your nose
4. Wild Hose (Freestyle Beard) Anything goes in this category. Make a wild creation with your beard, anyway you can think!
5. Half Hose (Partial Beard) For the guys who still shave. Chops, Goatee, Whaler, or any type of partial
6. Cretian Crud (Best Effort) For the guys who just can’t. It might short, spotty, or plain “bad looking” -but you’re trying!!
7. Bearded Cadets (Kids Fake Creative) Be creative and have fun! Parents help your kiddos come up with a fake beard or mustache
8. Queen of the Creek (Whiskerina Beard) For the ladies. Show us your crafty side~any type of medium
9. King of the Creek (Grand Champion) All the winners from each of the categories. All placed in a row, crowd participation helps to determine who the winner will be crowned King of the Creek!
*All category winners are at the mercy of the crowd* Loudest cheers win! 
Participant Fee $10, Kid Category Free
All proceeds go to Morgan Hose VFD

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