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Talking Beards

Aug 17, 2018


Kenny Parbel is the President of the Ohio Chapter and SGT. At-Arms for the National Chapter of Bearded Sinners.  Upon learning of who the Bearded Sinners were, my world was opened to another side of the “bearding community” that I wasn’t aware existed.  Both Kenny and I got our start in the club scene at the same event back in 2012 and didn’t even know we had crossed paths numerous times.  We “officially” met at the Morgan Hose VFD fundraiser beard and mustache contest, EP.71 ( and he pulled me aside and wanted to tell me about their annual fundraiser Pig Roast they hold that was coming up Labor Day weekend.  We set up a time to meet and got together at a small bar in Ravena, Ohio and enjoyed a couple adult beverages and had a chat about beards and clubs and social issues.  We talked about the history and nuances of The Bearded Sinners and how they have gone under my radar for the past few years.  My eyes were really opened to a side of the beard “clubs” that don’t really participate in the competitive charity beard events and focus more on local community outreach and local fundraising.  We also discussed the issues of assembling chapters of a club and the problems they have come across in the past.  If you like the message of the Bearded Sinners and are interested in checking out more about their club goto to get more information. 

Kenny Parbel


Bearded Sinners of Ohio


Toys for Tots


Bearded Sinners National Chapter


5th Annual Pig Roast and National Meeting


Beards of The Old Northwest Rock Creek Chapter


Rust Belt Whisker Society


Beard in The Barnyard 2018


Geauga County Maple Festival Beard and Mustache Contest



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