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Talking Beards

Sep 26, 2018

EP-77-Talking Beards


I sit down with my good friends Chris Odom (Beards in Review), and World Champion Aaron D Johnston to talk about the launch of our new video show, Talking Beards.  The show is hosted LIVE on the Beards in Review YouTube page and is a bi-weekly live show covering many different “beard” topics.  Each episode will cover the latest news stories in the world of facial hair, information on the upcoming competitions that are being held, product reviews, and fun interviews with some great facial haired people.  These episodes will go live every other Thursday evening at 8pm EST on the Beards In Review YouTube channel and people can join in and ask questions and interact with all of us.  Currently it will be streamed on YouTube but will be available on many more platforms in the coming months.  If you aren’t into the live video, a audio only podcast version will be available that Saturday from The Beardcaster podcast.   Make sure you are subscribed to the Beards In Review YouTube channel and also The Beardcasters podcast so you don’t miss one of these great episodes! 


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