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Talking Beards

Oct 13, 2018

Amy Black of Pink Ink Fund is one of the most captivating people I have ever met.  Her skills as an artist are unmatched and her heart is beyond full of goodness and kindness.   She maybe one of the most friendly and approachable people I have ever met and makes you instantly feel like someone important to her.  The Pink Ink Fund has helped many woman find normalcy in a tragic life situation and my interview with Amy is to celebrate what she has done for these woman and how she has changed their lives.

In our interview we discussed her beginnings in art and tattooing and how she ended up doing nipple tattooing and how she started the Pink Ink Fund.  We talked about how she became involved with the RVA Beard League and how they have helped her tremendously with their gracious donations.  The interview took place at The Canal Club in downtown Richmond Virginia and was during the registration for the 2018 Remington Beard Boss Great American Beard and Mustache Championships.  Along with the National Humane Society, The Pink Ink Fund were to be the recipients for the money that this event generated and Amy felt so thankful to be apart of this event.  Listen along as her and I, and her little French, Poppy Goblin, learn about the charity angle of a beard competition from the side of someone who received the money and how they have used it to make a difference. 


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