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Talking Beards

Dec 31, 2015

 Welcome to the first episode of The Beardcaster.  This episode covers the plan, the vision, the direction I hope to drive this fun venture.  It is a laid back hang out with some friends tying to get to know who they are and how they relate to the mustache and bearding community.  In the future we will have all sorts of guests, some with, some without facial hair.  It is about people and topics that interest me and the messages and good deeds that those people share with the world.  It will cover different aspects of the facial hair community such as contests, care, and products to help those that want to improve and maintain.  I will also cover different charities that I find interesting and other random people that need help in some way.  I hope you enjoy, It is a little bad but I hope to get better as I go along!!!

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