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Talking Beards

Jun 6, 2016

2016 is the year of the return of the '17 year' cicada.  I remember back to the summer of 1999 and this massive infestation of these incredible insects.  Spending 17 years underground getting ready for right now!!!  Such an interesting experience and learning lesson.  Normally I have a guest on to talk about beard stuff but not this week, I tried to interview multiple cicada's.  I felt this was an amazing situation and a cool "once in a 17 year" experience that I wanted to document.  My son and I went out on Memorial Day with a tip where we could find the first of these visitors to our area.  I recorded a walk through the woods with Lukas and I talking about the 17 year Cicada and trying to capture an exclusive interview with this elusive insect.  Take a listen as I give some really bad information about the cicada and try to get an insect to talk to me.  You can hear the thousands of cicadas 'signing' in the background as we try and unlock the facts of these very interesting creatures that turn our life upside down  every 17 years.  In researching information about these fascinating creatures I stumbled upon a website called and found a fun video all about them.  Thank you to for letting us use their audio to help us explain the story of the 17 year cicada.  Since I am no expert in cicadas, I needed to reach out to someone who would know better than I would.  Take a listen to this very informative episode about an interesting insect that invades our neighborhoods, our pets stomachs, and our hearts. Thanks for all your help and information!!!

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