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Talking Beards

Jul 4, 2016

The guys get together to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers latest championship win.  Josh and I talk with the child about experiencing his first real championship win being from the area.  Lots of other sports talk was had, sport this, sport that. I thought this episode had some good zingers in it so I thought I would share.  Previously we had already spent over 2 hours recording a bunch of miscellaneous things, so there are a few call backs that may just go over your head!  Hope you enjoy this little taste into the life of The Beardcaster.  If you enjoy the show please consider helping me out and making a donation to my Patreonpage.  It is easy and you can make a tiny donation, or a large one, it all depends what kind of value YOU feel my podcast is worth.  Here is also a few links to some things that you all should check out.  This month is going to be crazy busy and I should have some cool stuff by the end of the month, if not before that.  Keep your eyes peeled!!! Please check out our new friends at The Rustic Beardsman out of one of my favorite places, Ft. Worth, Texas.  We should be hearing a little bit more about them and their products in the coming months.  In the mean time check out their website and look through some of their different and interesting products.  In the meantime, check out all my social media stuff, subscribe any way that works for your listening enjoyment, Itunes for you IPhone users, Google Play for you Android users.