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Talking Beards

Sep 19, 2016

Fatman's Invasion 2016 found this bearded guy, with child in tow, out for one fun adventure.  Knowing event organizer, Adam "Fatman" Hurt for close to 30 years, made me feel very old and also curious as to these events he has been posting about online, and hosting, for the past 8 or so years. We traveled to tropical Thompson OH, where an event so grand, so exotic, and so flippin hot, was taking place.  This was the third year for this event at Thompson Raceway Park in Northeast Ohio where hundreds upon hundreds of "tuned" and classic cars and spectators gathered for a great cause.  Not only was it a car "show" of sorts, it was also a day to challenge your friends to a friendly 1/4 mile drag the death.  Fortunately for everyone, nobody died and there were a lot of hugs to go around.

We saw lots of really  loud cars and heard some extremely smokey burn-outs, something all of my senses have never experienced. This was defiantly far from any type of event I had ever attended but I found it fascinating and a really great time!!!  We met up with the Fatman himself at one point and to talk but he was quickly whisked away by tons of his adoring fans.  It was easy to see why this event has grown so big so fast-it had a lot to do with this man, and his beard.  The Fatman stickers were on almost every car on-site this day as a show of support of the event and the person who has made this event so popular amongst the local car scene.  The Fatman logo

is a cartoonish depiction of Adam and featuring his big, bushy beard in all its glory.  This year was the biggest yet in the history of the Invasion, not only in record numbers of cars and attendants, but in the amount that they raised to donate to their charity of choice, the Lake Humaine Society.  Check out the podcast to find out exactly how much was donated this year. You can also hear the story first hand of how the event came to be and how it has grown to be the premiere gathering of modified and stock vehicles.  The Fatman's beard is part of the whole story and a big reason I experienced, and learned, about a whole different lifestyle I probably wouldn't have known about.  Listen to  the story told by Adam as we met up at Melt Bar and Grilled in Mentor Ohio shortly after they had made their donation to the Lake Humane Society.  Adam has a big heart and a great story that I felt needed to be shared.  His beard is part of something that has made a large dent in the community and has helped a lot of needy animals.  Please take a listen and share with your friends to help spread the message of those who go above and beyond.