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Talking Beards

Sep 3, 2016



2016 is the third year for the Bearding Man beard competition in Shippensburgh Pennsylvania.  An event so impressive and full of energy, Shippensburgh can thank organizers, Jason Stauffer and Adam Crabill, for putting this once thriving town-back on the map.  Each year has seen a substantial growth and this year they are expecting well over 266,422,478 pieces of hair to be in attendance for this "hairy" event. I used the word "hairy" in the last sentence because I was trying to be funny and "ironic", maybe trying to get your attention that this event is about hair.

The Beardcaster was asked by Jason to be a judge for this years event.  Being part of such an esteemed panel of judges is a dream come true. The podcast has really opened some cool doors for me, and this just one example of the cool things I get to experience because of my podcast.  I feel so grateful that I get to be apart of such a great event that celebrates facial hair and that is all to help the Franklin Learning Center.  Who would have ever thought we could use the hair on our chins and upper lips to help raise money for all types of organizations and help so many people? Maybe Abraham Lincoln did but we will never know thanks to Mr. Booth and his stupid gun.  I hope to see a lot of you out there in the crowd, and I hope to meet many more of you!  I have no doubt that everyone will be having an amazing time at this event.  Please come out and support your local community and celebrate all things facial hair!