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Talking Beards

Oct 15, 2016

Beards for Beasts is only a few weeks away so The Beardcaster, and special guest co-host Anthony "The Stache" Fontes, sat down with the Steel City Beard and Mustache Club president Andrew Miscowiec to get the lowdown on the 4th year of this fantastic event.  Held at the beautiful Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, PA the event is once again benefiting the Animal Rescue League & Wildlife Shelter and Hello Bully charities.  

The boys met up at Suzie's Dogs in Boardman Ohio to discuss the upcoming event and enjoy some fine weiners.  Beards and Suzie's have a history as Anthony and Suzie's in Youngstown have collaborated in the past to host a couple of The Rust Belt Whisker Society's beard competitions, so we wanted to give back to those who have given to us.  Entering what appeared to be a newly built establishment I fought my way though the hordes of Browns and Steelers fans watching both games on the multiple big screen tv's in the venue.  I was greeted by Drew, who as any Steelers fan, was 16 beers into his Sunday football afternoon and being all crazy. I soon realized the Drew I sat with was a bald faced mortal and quickly scooted across the bar to the Drew I knew, the man with the red chops.  Shortly after we are joined by Anthony and we all began to catch up on what was going on in the world of bearding.  Giving us barely any time to breath, Ariana, our server, attacked us with all the great things Suzie's had to offer.  A luxurious menu of over 50 possible toppings were presented to us with different "dog" and bun configurations that were possible.  The choices were tough, there was some confusion, fear and tears were had but our AMAZING server Ariana was there to save the day.  As any typical time I go out to eat, I find I need to get in the head of the person serving me.  I need to achieve confidence that I know that they are legit and that they know their craft and their home. I needed the confidence of an employee to make me lust after their weiners in a place like this.  I needed to know I was going to be taken care of...and taken care of WE all were.  She made skilled suggestions to all of us just like she knew what each of us needed in our lives at that specific moment. I became terrified with all the options that were before me, would I choose right or wrong, I didn't know.  Ariana walked me from the ledge, she gave me hope, it was as if she looked deep into my soul and knew the hot dog I needed in my life... and it was delivered.  It was pure ecstasy  as I bit into that dog.  The Sloppy Joes made love to my teeth as the pickle jalapeno's caressed my tastebuds.  The Fritos that were on top were like sexy lingerie  showing the curves and valleys of this hotdog that was about to be devoured by waiting mouth.  This custom made dog hit the spot- beautifully  delicious and fulfilling in every way imaginable, I was in heaven. My friends were also in a blissful paradise much like my own but I needed to get back to reality and remember why I was here.  I needed to get the clouds from my head all cleared and get back on the path of talking about Beards For Beasts 4 with Drew and Anthony.  It was as if this hot dog wanted to de-rail the interview and the event rendering me powerless to broadcast to the masses about helping the poor animals of Pittsburgh...

Beards do not know weakness. Our beards came together to overcome the deliciousness that was trying to destroy our message.  We were able to pull ahead and begin this wonderful conversation you are about to hear.  This might have been my favorite hang to date.  I love these dudes.  They both have great hearts and want to help their communities and clubs and the social awareness about beards.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed the hotdogs!!!  Please support the local businesses in your neighborhood and we hope to see you in Pittsburgh on October 29th!!!


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