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Talking Beards

May 11, 2017



Spring has sprung, unless you are south of The equator!   The information you are about to hear can help all of you as we go into Springtime and deal with pollen and allergies.  Most people suffer from seasonal allergies and have a hard time getting them under control.  Each year is “the worst year” and we deal with it as best as we can.  A few years ago my eyes were opened to how my beard may be effecting my allergies, in a bad way-and it was information that many of us beard growers never want to hear…


There are many over the counter and prescription drugs that are available to help alleviate the common symptoms of seasonal allergies.  What kind of remedies are there for the “not so common” symptoms, or causes of runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion?  Common remedies are antihistamines, nasal steroids, amputation (i kid), and other “synthetic” relief for natures attackers, pollen.  There are other remedies available, things more natural and less destructive to the human bodies ecosystem. Ideally we want to use more natural products to help us with any kind of ailment we may have before we introduce some prescription toxins into our system, It is much healthier for our bodies.  A proper diet can also have a huge effect on your white blood cell count which in turn can alleviate the adverse effects of histamines entering your system and causing inflammation in your respiratory system.


Allergies are not fun and are tough to control.  I asked my friend Emily to join me as I discussed my current allergy situation and with her knowledge of natural products, we tried to come up with some ways to tame the allergy monster.  We talked about cleaning your beard and the removal of pollen from it and the best product to help clean it.  We also talked about how over cleaning your beard can be very damaging and how some natural oils, mixed with a few essential oils that can combat some allergy symptoms, can be a good remedy for both your sinuses and your beard.  We also touched on possible preventive measures one can take to cut down on excessive pollen build up in your beard, this hasn’t been tested but was more of a budding idea brought on by our conversation, so make sure you listen in!!!


I hope that you can find some good information that may help you if you also suffer from seasonal allergies, and also have a massive mustache or lengthy beard.  We have always been told that our facial hair is a good filter for things going into our bodies.  I am here to say that if you have more than just an inch of beard or mustache you could be at risk for pollen build up in your man mane on your face.  Proper care and techniques will help you get maximum relief this time of year.  I do not profess to be a doctor or allergy specialist and these are just our opinions of what has worked for me, or Emily.  If you do find relief from one of our tips please let us know, drop us an email at and let us know what worked, or your thoughts or ideas on something we missed!  Be sure to share this with all your bearded and mustached friends out there that suffer from allergies… you might just save their life!!!-or make them be able to breath easier!!!


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