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Talking Beards

Jul 22, 2017


The First Annual Beards in the Barnyard is taking place July 29th at the Summit County Fair.  Abbe and I sat down and talked about beards and where her infatuation with them came.  We discussed the sponsors and star-studded judging panel.  Be sure to check out the INDIEGOGO for Bearded: an Ode to the Beard and help these guys reach their goal. 


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Rust Belt Whisker Society


Beards in the Barnyards


Summit Fair


Mad Viking-


Speedy Cafe-


The Bearded Pup-


Burtons Beard Oil-


Artius Man-


Digital Sound Entertainment


Jason Hall- Mad Vinking

Jason Sealand- Mad Viking

Rachel Iammarino- BOTONW

Kyle Waller- Cincinnati Beard Barons



Seth DeSabato-SCBMC


music by:


Ben Levin


 Chris Donley