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Talking Beards

Jul 28, 2017

 The Child wanted to discuss his recent surgery which led us into a conversation about dealing with fear. The conversation changed tempo when Bald Faced Josh brought up his cancer scare a decade or so ago and really took a turn for the worse as we explained the severity of The Childs procedure.  I have never laughed harder as everything unfolded and we ended up with a angry Bald Faced co-host.  Be sure to check this episode out as we are still using the podcast to cope with recent tragic events in our lives.  Friends are there to help you through the tough times, and friends are there to help make you laugh and get your mind off things.  From time to time we will get back to these type of episodes to blow off some steam.  There is no "beard" content in this episode other than the one I wear everyday!  I hope you enjoy and please check out the INDIEGOGO for Bearded: an Ode to the Beard, help support a great project!