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Talking Beards

Aug 2, 2017

Don Harshburger and The Beardcaster sit down to talk the 4th Annual Facial Hair Festival happing in Youngstown Ohio presented by the Rust Belt Whisker Society and Pabst Blue Ribbon on August 12.  Another year helping The Purple Cat, a great Youngstown charity, Don and I talk about how this year the event  hooked up with PBR and has made the whole planning experience much easier for them!  Baldfaced Josh and I also talked to random participants at Beards in the Barnyard and asked burning questions.  What you are about to hear is some funny shit, I hope you really enjoy!!!  Please share with your friends and help The Beardcaster get in front of more people!!!

Brandon Barns

Joseph Farrell

Brian Karn

Krampus of Cleveland

Josh Mills

Lets Talk Beards

Luke Sumpter

2017 Summit County Fair Queen-

Don Harshbarger

Rustbelt Whisker Society

The Purple Cat

Anthony Fontes

Pabst Blue Ribbon

The Royal Oaks

Jon-Alex Bailey

Gnarly Beards United

Kyle Waller