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Talking Beards

Aug 25, 2017

Episode 42- Worlds talk with Taylor and Paul


Taylor Welden and Paul Hendricks of the Austin Facial Hair Club join me to talk about how awesome the AFHC is and the 2017 World Beard and Mustache Competition.  We talked about how AFHC was able to get the Worlds in Austin and the traditions of  what the Worlds are.  There is going to be a huge party in Austin this Labor Day weekend with big beards and mustaches, live music, food trucks, and a lot of good times and drinking!  We talked a lot of specifics to what was going on from judging the competitors to some of the criteria of some of the categories.


Taylor and Paul both describe their roles in the club and how they got involved in the scene.  Taylor tells the story of how they had tried to get the Worlds in Austin by approaching the WBMC and how their second attempt got them the competition.  With Come and Shave it in it's 11th year, the guys have had a lot of experience with throwing a good party!  Whisker Wars opened the door for many guys to get into competitive bearding and the members of the Austin Facial Hair Club played a big part is showing viewers how to do it right!


Taylor Welden


Paul Hendricks


Bryan Nelson


Austin Facial Hair Club


2017 World Beard and Mustache Competition


Whisker Wars


Jack Passion




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Jodi Mitnick and Amy Roberts on The Beardcaster EP28


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