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Talking Beards

Nov 13, 2020

Talking Beards-the podcast ep.171
1st Annual Beard-O-Palooza is presented by the CTBMC and is a LIVE, in person, event to benefit the "Over The Edge Outdoors". Over the Edge Outdoors is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving our brothers and sisters, who have given years of their life in service to our great country. Our guests, Ian and Alex, do a fun Facebook live show every Thursday on the CTBMC page and put on one super fun show!!! We will talk to them about their show, the competition going on this November 14th and other assorted things that have nothing to do with a weird patch that someone maybe wearing over their eye. As usual we will have Matt from Beard Laws with the news as well as the BS Button Beard Bulletin Board with all of the things you wanted to share with the community! We hope you enjoy-don't forget to Cher this episode with all your friends!
1st Annual Beard-O-Palooza
Central Texas Beard & Mustache Club
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