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Talking Beards

Feb 26, 2022

Tonight on a very special Texas episode of Talking Beards, Aaron and Scott are doing their very first show together in the same studio!!! Due to some unforeseen circumstances our guest Mike Scoggin, Captain of North Texas Villains, had to drop out. We will still discuss LSV5, the event the North Texas Villains are putting on this weekend in Ft. Worth to the best of our ability. We will talk about this past weekends Come and Shave it 16 and will be joined by our good friend Jason Schaffer of the Minnesota Beard and Mustache Coalition. Jason won Best in Show at this years event and we will hear about what a fub weekend we had. Join this heartwarming episode of Talking Beards!!!
Bearded Villains North Texas
We hope you enjoy-feel free to reach out to us by emailing us at with any comments or to update us on your competition or charity event. 
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