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Talking Beards

Sep 1, 2019

Our wonderful guest this episode was Jessica Hammond, esthetician to the starts, and Scott’s new beard coach!  Scott recently met with Jessica and received his first “beard facial”. The results were fantastic!!!  Jessica did a few different procedures on his beard, a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and application of hydration. This is just the first step in a multi step program that Jessica is trying to develop and make available for anyone.  This was a great experience, and a great interview on the show-the boys had a lot of fun messing around with her!  We covered the latest news on the BS Button Beard Bulletin Board and did some weird trivia with prizes compliments of Synful Beard Oil.  Make sure you have “liked” the Talking Beards page on Facebook, or subscribed to the Talking Beards Podcast-we will be having Jessica on again as she helps Scotts beard get ready for The National Beard and Mustache Championships in Chicago this November. Hope you enjoy-don’t forget to tell a friend, and share this with someone you know that is into the facial hair World!


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