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Talking Beards

Sep 23, 2022

Everyone knows the  name, he’s been a huge part of the bearding community for over 15 years, he’s one of the founding members of the Cincinnati Beard Barons, Ice Cream aficionado, father figure to clubs all over, and one of the best damn friends you can hope for.  Known for his iconic mustache and handshakes, he’s recognized in the beard community as a world class competitor, top rated judge and a first-class emcee. Traveling all over the country bearding with his wife, the Lovely Mrs Sandy Jones, he’s attended over 100 competitions and still one of the first things you’ll hear them say when they get to an event is “what can we do to help”. Like most of us he looks forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. There's nothing better than a handshake from this man, except attending an event that he is EMCEE. If you live under a rock and don’t know this man, come to Pomeroy and be sure to change that… you’ll never be the same.

Beards on the Bend 2022


Pomeroy Eagles

224 E Main St

 Pomeroy, OH 45769-1022




Sternwheel Festival


Big Bend Beardsmen



Beards on the Bend 2022- Meet & Greet


112 Court St, Pomeroy, OH 45769

(740) 992-6524


Come enjoy the festivities here in Pomeroy during Comp weekend. Check out the sternwheelers, hit the local shops, then join us at Court St Grill at 6pm for a few beers and a great time. Stone Quillen & the Generation Gap Blues Band will take the stage at Court at 9pm(possible cover charge). This will give you the chance to catch up with old friends, maybe meet some new ones, and see our little river town in action. Feel free to message the Big Bend Beardsmen with any question you may have. Hope to see yall soon

Big Whisker Revival VIII


Barracks Project


The Cincinnati Beard Barons


Admission:  $20 that includes your first category and $5 per each

additional category after that.  You can enter as many categories as you choose.

Raffle Tickets: We are going to do the one sheet tickets this year.  $20 per sheet for 25 tickets or two sheets for $30.

Special raffle table: 

 "A Tubful of Fun" It's a wash tub full of liquor - $10 a ticket or three for $20. There may be additional items.

There will be some live auctions items as well !!!

And a 50/50 AKA split the pot also -  $1.00 per ticket or 6 for $5.00



THE BIGGEST, THE BADDEST, THE BEST facial hair competition in the country

The Cincinnati Beard Barons are very honored to announce that we will be raising money for The Barracks Project again this year. Find out more about our great charity at

It is our great pleasure to announce that our music entertainment will be provided by Moonshine and Wine for their 8th consecutive year.

These are the official categories for this year's Big Whisker Revival (not in any particular order at all)

Veterans beard

Full beard freestyle

Partial beard freestyle

Full beard under 5"with styled stache

Full beard over 5" with styled stache


Ladies realistic

Full Beard Over 10"


Styled General Stache

Ladies Creative

Full beard 5" to 10"

Natural General Stache

Full Beard under 5"



Admission is $20 per person. The day of the show there is no advance sales that also enters you into one category.

You can complete in as many categories as you want for the additional fee of $5 per categories


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The Beard Calendar


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