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Talking Beards

Feb 20, 2020


Should we feel guilty for celebrating a win at a beard competition??? We all know that they are all charity events for those that need our help. Does our posting of pictures on social media overshadow the fact that there are people in need? We tackle this topic and had a lot of great feedback from our live chat room.  Enjoy this heated discussion!

We posed this statement to see what people opinions maybe...

Tune in this Tuesday as we discuss a controversial topic- Why do we compete??? Is it wrong for us to celebrate our accolades or does it overshadow what the true meaning or what we do.  Aaron and Scott discuss the purpose of beard competitions.  Please join us in the chat room with your opinion so we can discuss with the people in the beard community live on the show.  We want to know what YOU think about this topic...


We had a few responses to our post, here were some...


Dawn Childres writes-

Great topic! I mean is it wrong? People celebrate when a sports game is won, celebrate winning a race, celebrate good grades. Celebrations can be for anything especially when you work hard to accomplish something. As a whiskerina putting in the hard work to create an award winning beard means a lot (although I haven't actually placed yet). And as a male putting in years or months of dedication to taking care of your beard to win is quiet an accomplishment. Celebrating those accomplishments is only natural. I dont think its wrong but its just my opinion........


Christine Allagretti writes-


I honestly beleive it all should be celebrated- wins , monies rasied , lives changed. Those who can't see that the positive is what brings people to want to be part of something are the same ones not doing a damm thing.  There is no place for gossip,  jealousy and envy in the beard community- we are supposed to be a family with a common goal ! And family should encourage and want their loved ones to succeed!! Life is not a competition - not one of us will get out alive but with the right mindset we could leave one hell of a positive impact and legacy


Paul Sundvold writes-


I think the real question is why wouldn’t you want to celebrate a win? I have yet to see a race car driver go straight back to the trailer after a win and not celebrate lol plus the dedication that takes to make an Award wining beard male/female takes time. PS: Remember to enjoy everyday ya never know when the last one is.


Brian Coyne writes-


I've competed a lot and have only about 5 trophies to show for it. I mean sure it hurt my ego at first. Like why should I spend all this money to go compete all over the country mostly on the East coast if I'm not going to win or place. But then I remembered it's for the charity and not whether you win or lose. Plus it's like a big hairy family reunion cuz some people I might just see once or twice a year


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