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The Beardcaster -a beard podcast all about beards and mustaches and competitive bearding

Feb 21, 2018

I was joined by one of my most favorite people in the facial hair community, Crystal Davis, President of the Modesto Beard and Mustache Coalition. They have a fun little event planned called Beat’Em by a Hare this coming weekend and we hope you can make it out. Crystal and I also  pretty much “shoot the shit” and...

Feb 16, 2018

  Come and Shave it 12 presented by The Austin Facial Hair Club is upon our doorstep and I am joined by club member/event co-captain, Angela Alba-Dirico.  February 24th is the date for this premiere event and beards, mustaches, and creatives from all across the globe will come together for the 12th year of one of...

Feb 3, 2018


Whisk'er Away 2: A Beard And Pin-Up Prom FEB 10th

 Play It Forward STL

BAMSTL - Beards and Mustaches of St. Louis-

Roughneck Beard Co.


It's time again for the most romantic and special night a VFW hall can offer. Whisk'r Away 2! 

 Grab your date, grab your formalwear, and grab your tickets! This year will be even...

Jan 26, 2018

Every beard, or mustache, grower has gone through a few moments in their facial hairs life where it just drives them crazy.  I am joined by MJ Johnson and we discuss the things that irritate us with our beards.  Everyone can relate to at least one Beard Beef that we talk about-we all are afflicted with something...

Jan 17, 2018

Ryan Gore is the president of the Derby City Whisker Club out of Louisville KY.  We sat down and talked about their upcoming "Whiskermania 3" event and also the previous years of this wrestling themed beard and mustache contest.  Ryan is quite an interesting fella and I love finding common interests with someone other...