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The Beardcaster -a beard podcast all about beards and mustaches and competitive bearding

Aug 8, 2017

Episode 40-Dr Causgrove of the AMI has a big surpriseā€¦


The Beardcaster and Dr. Adam Causgrove of The American Mustache Institute let the cat out of the pillow case in Ep.40.  An opportunity of a lifetime had been presented to Scott by The American Mustache Institute and they talk about what the big news is!  Make...

Aug 2, 2017

Don Harshburger and The Beardcaster sit down to talk the 4th Annual Facial Hair Festival happing in Youngstown Ohio presented by the Rust Belt Whisker Society and Pabst Blue Ribbon on August 12.  Another year helping The Purple Cat, a great Youngstown charity, Don and I talk about how this year the event  hooked up with...