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Talking Beards

Mar 27, 2020

TALKING BEARDS-the podcast

Rutledge Wood is mostly known for his work with NASCAR on NBC, Top Gear America, Lost in Transmission, and Hyperdrive on Netflix. Rutledge talks about his car collection, how he got involved doing what he does, and his older brother Tiger and his decision to go the way of the golf cart over...

Mar 25, 2020

Talking Beards-THE PODCAST edition

We are joined by the stupendous JENNCITY, former bass player for Kittie, Suicide City, Demilita, to talk about our friendship and inspiration. We have been friends for almost a decade and have spent countless hours traveling the country together. Over that time her exuberant...

Mar 22, 2020

Talking Beards THE PODCAST edition

Aaron and Scott decide to get together tonight to kinda hang out with listeners and spend our Friday night with them. On any given weekend you might normally find us at a Friday night pre-party for some competition somewhere in the country. We figured this would be a great chance to...

Mar 21, 2020

Talking Beards the podcast-Episode 135

Covid 19 has really been wreaking havoc on the world. In these unsure times a lot of things are changing quickly around us and we need to adjust and adapt just as fast. We discuss the growing list of competitions that are canceling and our guest, Dr. Adam Causgrove of The American...

Mar 15, 2020



Talking Beards-The Podcast

    Aaron puts his life on the line for the show!  We get to listen to Aaron eat the worlds hottest chocolate and struggle through the show.  Make sure you listen to see if he made it to the end.  We had Matt McLear from Beard Laws on for the news and he hung out to make sure Aaron was ok....