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Talking Beards

Nov 13, 2016

Bald faced mortal, Josh, and I sit down with The Child to talk the Cleveland Indians in the World Series and Donald Trump amongst other things.   The conversation began with us going over the Cavaliers Championship and which would have been more important, the World Series win by the Indians, or the Championship from the CAVS.  Finding out what it is to be American and our preference in pie or cake, we learn that Rey, from Star Wars, is inspiring a whole movement of little girls to be great, not Hillary! 

The final game of The World Series was slept through by Scott and Lukas so Bald Faced Josh walks us through how the game ended.  The Indians fought hard and had an amazing season and we were all ok with the Cubs winning.  Our conversation took a turn towards what had just happened with the election and our thoughts, and opinions, on the win of Donny Trump.  The child voices his opinion on Ted Strickland and he regurgitated what he had heard on the television commercial attack ads.  Josh tries to explain how politics work and Scott tries to derail the conversation by claiming Trump is just like Anakin Skywalker, and is here to bring balance back to the political world.  Josh tries to tie Hillary Clinton to the Pink Power Ranger taking over the world and it turned into watching Power Rangers and MST3K. 

Josh started giving us a history of great presidents and how the political landscape needed to be shook up and how career politicians needed to be taken down.  We started talking about how the country may needed to be run more like a corporation and some similarities between Perot and Trump and how the country needs to be run differently.  This election has really polarized the public, either the citizens are embracing the win or our extremely upset and voicing their opinions via social media. 

The conversation gets pulled in the direction of who has worse hair, Trump or George Washington.  One wore a wig, the other we are not so sure.  The Child starts to talk about an 11 year old perspective of what happened in the election and how all his friends were all about Hillary Clinton.    The Trump playground equipment was voted on and we got the child to laugh so hard he about pee’d his pants.  The fake outrage that exists for people to look, and feel, important to everyone around them has become more evident with this election. 

Election results were broken down as things were being released on Tuesday night via the news outlets.  Josh explains how the popular vote works vs. the electoral college.   We also talk about how if you don’t like either candidate you can write in any name you like, such as Vermin Supreme, as your nomination for president.  Harambe was reported to have received over 11k write in votes but in researching I discovered this was not true according to CNN. 

The stock exchange was greatly effected with the election of Trump, in a great way!  With a lesser amount of money spent by Trump in his campaign, Trump proved that America wants something different.  The market has been looking good since he was elected president.  The treat of nuclear war and tensions with Russia were a concern of the child but he realizes that a president who runs out of control will be taken down by their government.