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Talking Beards

Feb 18, 2023


This week on an exciting new episode of Talking Beards we will have a surprise co-host, Justin Wood. Justin will be filling in for the very romantic Scott Sykora as he celebrates Valentines Day!

Aaron and Justin will talk all about Justin's likes and dislikes then we will transition into BEARDS 4 BIG LOVE!

Stephanie Ragan will come on and tell us all about Big Love and what they do as an organization.

Then we will get into the Beards 4 Big Love Beard Competition that is taking place on Saturday February 25th at Southern Star Brewery in Conroe Texas.


BIG Love Cancer Care is a non-profit organization that helps ease the childhood cancer journey at 8 Texas hospitals. Every year, BIG Love serves over 100,000 patients and families. Services include weekly wishlists, catered meals, financial help, holiday baskets, scholarships, counseling, and more.


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