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Talking Beards

Feb 3, 2018


Whisk'er Away 2: A Beard And Pin-Up Prom FEB 10th

 Play It Forward STL

BAMSTL - Beards and Mustaches of St. Louis-

Roughneck Beard Co.


It's time again for the most romantic and special night a VFW hall can offer. Whisk'r Away 2! 

 Grab your date, grab your formalwear, and grab your tickets! This year will be even better than the last!

 Don't forget to put your name in for prom king and queen!

 Tickets are $15 per person, $25 per couple. Proceeds, after costs, will go to help Play It Forward STL further their mission to bring the arts to underprivileged children in the region!

 To make your reservation, send your ticket fee to via PayPal Friends and Family!

 Goto Roughneck Beard Co.and enter promo code thebeardcaster to get 20% off your next purchase!!!


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