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Talking Beards

Feb 3, 2017

Episode 26-ATTITUDE and living life...

     Over the past few weeks I have been noticing something a bit more around me, attitude.  Attitude seems to be a major influence in life and can effect our moods, and our way of life.  Attitude also influences others and tends to pull those that are like-minded in their direction, a "magnetic" kind of attraction.  Sometimes a toxic attitude can pull you down a dark road, one of negativity and pain. The one end of the spectrum you may find those that emit a great deal of positive attitude. These people are a special breed, ones who absorb life and live it to its fullest.  I recently had an experience that opened my eyes to the true influence of "attitude" on ones life. 

     Today, as I write this, my grandmother of 101 just passed away.  It has been a difficult week for my family as we have been dealing with the possible moving on of the mother of our family.  The threat of death brings out an urgency of life; to experience more of it and to take in as much as you can as fast as possible.  I wanted to try and enjoy the time I may have left to enjoy this kind, loving, and energetic woman.  What I learned the most from her in her past week of life was about her attitude.  Her attitude was always so invigorating, very positive, and made her shine above the rest.  It gave her a reason to get up everyday, the willingness to absorb as much around her as possible.  This is what truly made her the amazing woman that she was.  No matter what, she always had a smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying life.  It irradiated from her like sunshine and everyone around her wanted to feel her warmth and be close by.   She was one of a kind and she was my grandmother. 

     There has been a major influx of attitude all around me lately from all types of places.  This episode touches on many different aspects of attitude that I have been currently experiencing.  I would like to thank Charles Abadam for the wonderful gift that he sent me.  The bearding world has also shown me the power of positive attitude and the kindness of great people. I was joined this episode by Bald Faced Josh and The Child and we talked about many types of attitude and how we experience it.  We had some good laughs under the circumstances but I think it was very healing for us talking about our losses and the situations that surrounded them.  Please sit back and enjoy this lengthy episode, it is really a treat to be able to discuss my grandmother in this episode.  I hope everyone can take away some good insight into the power of a good attitude and apply it to their own life!