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Talking Beards

Feb 26, 2016

We all know a guy who grows a beard in the winter time and then shaves in the spring.  Why? Why do these guys grow in this pattern, why can't they just commit to grow all the way, or stay clean shaven all year?  We all have a personal preference in our own growth, be it a goatee, full beard, or a mustache, we grow what we are comfortable with.  A good friend of mine, Jamie Ward, for years has been at the receiving end of my consistent inquiry as to why he grows a magnificent beard and then just shaves it off, year after year.  Are men like this afraid to commit to the "manly" lifestyle that come with being a bearded man 365 days a year, or are they too afraid of the babyface look of shaving everyday.  I wanted to get one mans insight into why he is a "fair weather" beard grower.  

Jamie is also a writer for our local paper who writes a lot of sports stories and is also a avid sports fan.  I thought it would be interesting to discuss a few news and  sport related topics that had some type of beard theme.  You can look more into each of the things we discussed in the show notes below.  I was incorrect in my statement of the NHL Commissioner being the one who wanted the players to shave, it was a NBC executive who made that comment.


The "Products" page was opened since last podcast.  It is my attempt to have a listing of every beard and mustache care product in one place.  It displays the company logo and take you directly to their page where you can get more information and buy directly from them.  My thoughts were directed to people who are new to using products and providing a simple, and nicely designed, place where they can browse and explore at their leisure.  There are over 150 different manufactures currently and the list is growing as I search out more companies world wide!!! If you are a company and want to be listed, or know of one, please email me.  

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