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Talking Beards

Feb 23, 2023

Aaron, Scott and Jono are best friends who have been growing facial hair together for many years. Their facial hair antics are well known amongst their peers, and they take pride in their perfectly groomed beards, moustaches and goatees. Each of the friends has a unique style, Aaron has a full beard, Scott has a classic moustache, and Jono rocks a trendy goatee. Together they have created an online following and make videos to share their tips and tricks for grooming and styling facial hair. Even after all these years, Aaron, Scott and Jono still enjoy competing for the best facial hair in town.

The 2022 National Beard and Mustache Champion shaves off his mustache and we have his mustache LIVE!!! Jono Gross joins us to tell us all about what has happened to his World Champion mustache.  The boys are together in Austin-exactly a year to the date they did a live show together and tonight they will do another show together.  They will talk about their adventure last weekend with CASI17 and some other assorted fun!!!  Be sure to share this episode with all your friends!!!

Jono Gross

Talking Beards


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