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Talking Beards

Feb 27, 2021

Talking Beards-The Podcast ep.185


Returning guest, Nick Adkins of Permafrost Beards, joins us to discuss his latest online fundraising auction. 59 tins of Permafrosts beard product went up for auction for their Dent Scent Roulette to benefit 22 Until None. Each tin was individually numbered from 1-60 and the #22 tin was auctioned off on our Maybe Monday to the highest bidder. Nick will let us know how everything all turned out as well as discussing how he got involved with 22 Until Done. Matt McClear from Beard Laws will be here to give us the latest in entertaining news and we will cover your latest posts on the BS Button Bulletin Board. Be sure to Cher this episode for a chance to win some great products from Honest Amish. Goto for more info on the show and to subscribe to the podcast.
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