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Talking Beards

Apr 13, 2022

Talking Beards has Tyler Johns on the show! He is from the Unknown Beardsman out of Salt Lake City Utah. They will putting on the 5th Annual Stars & Stripes Beard Bang on Saturday April 16th. This event will be raising money for Continue Mission, they are a non-profit organization serving Veterans and referred Service Members with service-connected physical, mental, and emotional injuries; Veterans and civilians in recovery; and their family/support members.

Tyler Johns


5th Annual Stars and Stripes Beard Bang

The Unknown Beardsmen

The Unknown Beardsmen proudly presents our 5th Annual Stars and Stripes Beard Bang!


This year we have decided to stay at the same venue The Ice Haus in Murray, Utah.

The Ice Haus

For only $20 bucks a category and $10 bucks to spectate you can help us raise money and help support an amazing charity!

Our chosen charity is Continue Mission.

CONTINUE MISSION IS A 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION serving Veterans with service connected physical, mental, and emotional injuries. They aim to inspire, empower, and involve Veterans and their families and referred Service Members in recreational and educational programs that promote health and wellness and positive life changing experiences. They are dedicated to raising mental health awareness and taking an active role in suicide prevention.

Please stay tuned for exciting news about this event to include but not limited to registration times to include pre-registration, categories, raffle items, sponsors, judges, Emcee(s) etc.


We hope you enjoy-feel free to reach out to us by emailing us at with any comments or to update us on your competition or charity event. 


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