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Talking Beards

Dec 11, 2022

Ron Wolek, a third generation barber stylist who apprenticed under Disney legend cosmetology designer Janet Wolek, began working in film and tv in 1999.  Focusing on beards and mustaches, Ron started the website which is the largest place for facial hair and particularly famous for Santa Clause beards.  Working on many popular “Santa” movies for the film industry, Ron has constructed beards for the likes of Ed Asner who appeared in many different movies playing Santa.  He explains a lot of types of hair they use to make these fake beards and how they attach them to various actors faces. We discuss our past guest, Christine Hackman, who also is the same industry of hair and make-up and how Ron got introduced into the world of beard and mustache competitions and Talking Beards!  


Ron is hosting the Holiday Beard Contest which is an on-line holiday themed beard competition which is a fundraiser for the St. Nicholas Institute located in Detroit, Michigan.  A school dedicated to learn all about St. Nicholas and educate aspiring “Santas” how to be the best they can-collect money for toys and blankets for the homeless of the Detroit area.  Check out all the info below for category information and how to enter this fun holiday fundraiser.



Ron Wolek


Woleks Famous World's Greatest Moustache Parlour


Saint Nicholas Institute


Holiday Beard Contest


Santa Stole Our Dog



Decorate your beard for a good cause! Have your beard judged by a Hall of Fame Santa Claus!

“Holiday Beards” Contest is for beard decorating and beard crafting.

This is a ONLINE Beard Photo competition benefiting the Saint Nicholas Institute in Detroit, MI http://www.


Registrations fees are $5 / category.

Enter at or


Registration is now open, deadline for entries (registration and photos) is December 24, 11:59pm EST


Santa starts judging December 25th when he returns to the North Pole, and winners will be announced New Years Day (January 1, 2023) here and on Instagram @beardchampionship


1. Christmas Tree Beard

Decorate your real or theatrical beard like a Christmas Tree

2. Krampus Beard

Beastly beards, real or theatrical. Tongue must be showing.

3. Craft Whiskerina

Use Christmas related materials to create a beard

4. Realistic Whiskerina Elf

Beards made of natural hair or hairpieces. Elf ears required.


All contestants will receive participation / ranking certificates from Wolek’s Famous Beard Championship. Category winners will receive prizes (TBA)

* as this is a charity event with proceeds going to the Saint Nicholas Institution, there will be no refunds on registration fees (no exceptions)

We hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to reach out to us by emailing us at with any comments or to update us on your competition or charity event.


Talking Beards website


The Beard Calendar


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