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Talking Beards

May 2, 2020

Talking Beards - The PODCAST Edition - audio only.

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Tara “D” Hall, former child star prodigy, joins the show tonight to discuss the non profit she works for, The Family Center. They specialize in helping families connect with their community and other families to create a great learning environment, provide fun events, and the importance of family. Talking Beards has chosen The Family Center to be the recipient of all funds raised for their Talking Beards: The Competition. Talking Beards is teaming up with The Facial Hair league to host an online beard competition to help The Family Center move forward due to a lack of funding due to the Covid19 epidemic. Please come and join our online event on Saturday May 9th at 7pm est at

The Family Center as a meeting place and a resource library, aims to be a comprehensive resource for the diverse needs of Central Kentucky families while creating a sustainable community. Today's parents are both busier than ever before and burdened with a desire to be the best parent possible, while being overwhelmed by an increasing volume of information often from polarizing perspectives. Our goal is to create a healthy community with connections to local agencies, organizations and individuals utilizing the rich resources already available while equipping families with the ability to share with their neighbors and friends.

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